Child Custody Battle FAQs

Child Custody Battle FAQs

At Sierra Family Law, we focus on Family Law, Restraining Orders, Domestic Violence (DVTRO), Spousal Support/Alimony, Child Custody, Divorce, Child Support, and Property Division for anyone located in the Sacramento, California area. When it comes to child custody battles, you might feel overwhelmed, and below, we listed some commonly asked questions you might benefit from. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.


How Is Custody Determined?

When it comes to determining custody of a child, California courts will always make decisions based on the best interests of the child. This means that the courts must consider the physical, emotional, and financial needs of the child when making decisions. In California, the courts have several options for determining custody, including both physical and legal custody.


Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

If you are currently going through a child custody case, you may be wondering if you need a child custody lawyer. The truth is, having an attorney on your side can significantly improve your chances of success, but there are certain situations in which a lawyer’s assistance is absolutely necessary. We recommend meeting with a lawyer to see what your options entail. At Sierra Family Law, we want to learn how we can help you! We strive to bring you the resolutions you need and deserve, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


How Do You Prepare for Your Custody Hearing?

Ms. Sierra will help you prepare for your court appearances so you are never left in the dark. Let us help you make a good impression when you choose to work with us today! With more than a decade of experience, we can represent you properly.


What Is Physical Custody?

Physical custody is a term used in family law to refer to the legal right of a parent to have physical care, control, and responsibility for a minor child or children. It is a legal arrangement that is typically established by a court order or agreement between the parents. This can be either joint physical custody, which means that the child spends a significant amount of time with each parent, or sole physical custody, which means that the child primarily lives with one parent.

What Is Legal Custody?

Legal custody refers to the rights and responsibilities of each parent to make decisions on behalf of the child. This includes decisions about the child’s education, medical care, religion, and other important issues. Legal custody can be joint or sole, just like physical custody. If you are interested in learning about how legal custody differs from physical custody, contact us today!

It is important to understand that child custody cases can be incredibly complex and emotionally charged. If you are facing a child custody case, you should strongly consider working with a qualified child custody lawyer. An attorney can help you understand your rights and make sure that your interests are represented in court. At Sierra Family Law, we always have our client's best interest in mind, and we hope you found this article helpful on commonly asked questions about child custody. Contact us at your convenience, and we can assist you further.

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