What Are the Steps to Collect Child Support?

What Are the Steps to Collect Child Support?

Child support can make the difference between incredible financial hardship and financial success. If you are looking for child support in California, Sierra Family Law can help you get the support you need. If you don’t know where to start with the child support problem, here is a summary of the process to get you started. Reach out to Sierra Family Law to get the child support you need today!


Open a Case

The first step in getting child support in California is to open a child support case. You can either do this with a local child support law firm or do it yourself at your local child support agency. If you need help knowing where to start, get started with Sierra Family Law today!


Establish Parenthood

Once you’ve filed your case, it’s time to determine the two parties in the case. Once the parents have been determined, you are able to establish a child support order. But this cannot happen until parenthood is established.


Establish a Child Support Order

Once parents are determined, it’s time to establish a child support order. This order determines how much the other parent will pay in child support and how it will be paid. If you are looking for direction in getting child support in California, reach out to Sierra Family Law today!


Enforce the Order

Once the parenthood and order have been established, it’s time to enforce the order in the event that the paying party misses a payment. Enforcement may include withholding child support from employment wages, unemployment or worker’s compensation benefits, intercepting income tax refunds, and reporting delinquent child support payments to credit bureaus.

For more information about the child support process, the professional family law experts at Sierra Family Law are ready to help you get the most child support possible. If you are looking to get the most from the child support process, reach out to us for one of the best child support lawyers in California.